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RCCP | Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways Program with CataZyme-7

Helps to maintain a normal, strong foundational platform for nutrient uptake, organ support, and cellular drainage pathways. Opens the case.

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SKU: 180100

Ingredients + Recommended Use

  • ReHydrate
  • SpectraLyte
  • GALT Fortifier
  • CataZyme-7 
  • Flora Syntropy
  • Nat Body CLR
  • Nat Colon CLR
  • RCCP Booklet  (patient)

See the Practitioner Booklet for program guidance.


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Product Overview

The Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways (RCCP) program gives us the first step in any healing strategy. The establishment of a strong, safe foundation is integral to Opening the Case, as Dr. Cass speaks of when you start working with a patient or client. 

The RCCP Program is many practitioners' go-to protocol to support proper nutrient uptake, adequate hydration, balanced levels of trace minerals and electrolytes, optimal pH, elimination, and bowel regulation.* 

The RCCP is designed specifically to address these factors in preparation for deeper, focused detoxification. A foundational aperture through and upon which the case may be accurately opened and built.*

Practitioners report that re-establishing the nutritional foundation whilst opening the drainage pathways prior to xenobiotic detoxification brings substantial and sustaining results, regardless of the condition.

This RCCP program contains the Catazyme 7 digestive enzyme, appropriate for anyone without ulcer conditions. See RCCP with Catazyme U if your patient is dealing with ulcers. 

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