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The downloads available to you are just the beginning of your exploration into using the product line. From providing a glimpse into the myriad ways your colleagues leverage our products to provide supportive booklets, guides, and marketing material, these documents are for internal use only. They are not to be shared with patients.

Product Order & Price Form

The two Product Order & Price Form lists have the full product line, SKU numbers, and US or Canadian pricing. To download the lists and save them to your computer, please follow the steps below:  
  1. Navigate to the Resale Policy page to thoroughly review our guidelines for reselling Physica Energetics products online and in your clinic.
  2. Once you have reviewed the guidelines, click the "I AGREE" button.
  3. The documents will then be available for download.
Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a smooth and compliant experience. 
Read the Resale Policy here.

Quick Reference & Research Guide

Learn more about the Quick Reference and Research Guide.

Discover a wealth of knowledge and insight on product use and conditions from the collaboration of the Physica Energetics International Healing Arts community in this guide. Each product has valuable recommendations from experienced practitioners, offering a diverse range of intentional uses for each product. While not a fixed set of rules, this guide serves as an inspiring starting point, allowing you, to adapt and discern the most suitable protocols for your patients.
Digital Copy Only

Physician's Clinical Compendium (PCC)

This pocket-size guide is essential for everyday questions: what is the product, what does it do, and how should I use the product? It's essential for every treatment room with details of every product in the Physica Energetics line, in-depth recommendations, complementary products, and condition and symptom starting points.
Digital Copy Only

RCCP Practitioner Booklet

Learn more about the RCCP Booklets.

The Restoring Cellular Communications Pathway Program booklets provide comprehensive insights into the program, its seven essential products, and protocols designed to assist you and your patient’s journey. Whether you're just beginning or completing your patient's treatment, these booklets serve as invaluable resources. Start or finish your patient's healing journey with confidence using these guides.

Note: The Patient Booklet is enclosed in every RCCP Program kit. Additional copies are available for purchase here


Each product has a Clinical Monograph for practitioner reference and includes Dr. Cass’ intentions and insight about his formulation and education about each product. The Patient Monograph version is designed to be patient-appropriate, with enough information to understand the protocol's intention and support potential. 

Please do not share Clinical monographs with your patient.

Download and copy the folder to your Google Drive for future reference

Order the Physica Medica

Learn more about the Physica Medica

Dr. Cass’ Bio Energetic Practitioner Repertory has over 600 pages of clinically specific protocols, foundational concepts like Left Spin, Healing for the Pattern of Life, Causal Chains, Practicum of testing practices, and Protocol Compendium. The Physica Medica plays its part in the wellness landscape of the Legacy Continuum.
“Clinically applicable information. My copy is totally dog-eared!”

ND, Ontario

“I wished I had this Medica when I graduated...”

California, MD

“I would have paid over three times more for this wonderful clinical text”

Utah, DC

“My new Healing Arts’ Bible! It’s so well put together both clinically and organizationally”

CNC, Texas

“Finally, a REAL Medica!!! It’s paid for itself over and over again inpatient recovery”

MD, Arizona

“I bought 3 of them as everyone in my clinic swipes mine!”

ND, Alberta

“This is a classic masterpiece. Congratulations!”

DC, Quebec

“Powerful and reminiscent of the Medicas that we lived in many years ago”

Homeopathic MD, New Delhi, India

“My goodness, this is brille!”

DO, United Kingdom

“My wife told me to put it down and come to bed. Then I found her reading it, and I can’t get it back! Thankfully we practice in the same clinic”

DC/ND, Pennsylvania

“I had a patient I just couldn’t seem find the right answer for...and there it was, in the Physica Medica, staring me right in the face. An answer I would never have thought of. How perfect! I and my patients can’t thank you enough!!!”

ND, Hawaii


Product Photos

Product images found in this folder can be used for marketing materials and on your website. It contains the newest versions of the blue label bottles, and the old white bottles (no DNA helix) that you may still have in stock. The blue label images are a square 2048 x 2048 px version.