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Left Spin

Navigating Healing Journeys: The Vital Role of Left Spin Assessment for Bioenergetic Practitioners

Left spin is integral to supporting your patient as you begin or continue along their healing journey. Our community of international healing arts and bioenergetic practitioners look for signs, test for, and assess Left Spin, so you know how to proceed with your recommendations and protocol, with support from specific products.
Left Spin - Dr. Brockenshire

Dr. Robert Cass explains Left Spin

“Unhealthy cells rotate “(photon) left” indicating limited nutrition is entering into the cells, and a limited buffered or alkalizing waste material is being excreted. The accumulative effect results in congested, toxic cells and ECM. 

Remember that wise saying? “We are born alkaline; we perish acid”! 

In order to correct for testing and remedy purposes, the polarity of cellular interchange must be re-established, as failure to do so results in compromised cellular communication (the body’s ability to detoxify and be nourished, etc.), auto-intoxication and unhealthy aggravation, all leading to false readings (EAV, muscle testing, etc.) and consequently, an unsuccessful outcome. 

To re-establish the correct spin (photon right spin), specific filters are introduced into the testing procedures and protocols to isolate causative factors such as geopathic stress, pH, hypothalamic imbalance, hydration, ionic trace minerals, electrolytes, and so on.”
Dr. Robert Cass,
Physica Energetic Founder, Master Formulator and Alchemist

How to test for Left Spin


Products to Consider for Left Spin

Test Kit Boxes and Glass Vials

The Physica Energetics Test Kit contains the Left Spin testing vial designed to test the BioPhotonic cellular ability of a system or individual glands and organs to utilize nutrients and detoxify substances. 

Briefly, RIGHT SPIN shows the extent to which the body, mind, and heart can utilize nutrients and is capable of detoxification.

shows the extent to which the body, mind, and heart are not capable of utilizing nutrition and detoxification.