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Set up your Dispensary

Your Product Dispensary, Pharmacy, or Apothecary is a Direct and Central Extension of Your Core Healing Intention

Dr. Robert Cass’ words of wisdom about having a product dispensary for in-person clinic visits:

“The concept of fulfilling patient protocols by regularly having products drop shipped directly to patients can seem appealing for a few reasons: clinic or office space is sometimes limited; there is an initial financial investment, and inventory needs monitoring from you and your team. However, enlightened and experienced practitioners, like our international community, have learned that not having products readily available in-house is clinically, energetically, and financially inefficient. 

Of course, with most supplement companies that are more corporate-centered than healing-centered, the foundational intention of what I’m talking about may not matter to them. Physica Energetics is a company whose remedies and approaches honor and respect the Heart of the Legacy Continuum, and for us and our community, the ripple effect is an entirely different matter. 

I’m talking about the energetic impact of DIRECTLY handing a product to your patient. That product that has been safely nested in your practice, handed over to your patient, carries the primary current and intention of your work, energetically imprinted into each bottle. Seeing this in my own practice of X years has been central to patient compliance. Each time you or your staff directly presents the patient with the perfect remedies for them at that moment, your patient consciously and, in other ways, feels your assurance and confidence in their healing process, imprinted deeply into them. Of course, you may occasionally need to drop ship, but experienced practitioners know the value and energetic imprint that comes with this personal touch.

While handing over the products, you can also let your patient know their protocol, any specifics of taking the remedies in at the right time and sequence, and that they do not contain magnesium stearates and other toxic chemical binders and fillers.”

Foundational products to stock

Here is a sample of what the Physica Energetics’ international community of practitioners recommends as a basic, introductory, and foundation to their pharmacy. Other specific nutritional, botanicals and homeopathic can round out this foundation depending on the type, focus, and scope of practice.


These seven products are vital ingredients opening the case and a foundational start to almost any patient concerns. Be sure to have several sets of these seven products on hand, as well as several of these products as individual products.

Lymph 1, 2, 3

The three Lymph remedies are central to BioToxicosis and support correct systemic lymphatic drainage appropriate to the condition.

Foundational Matrix Nutritional products

These products are for daily use and are core to every practice, most used and easily fit into your patient’s day, and more specific protocols in support of removing obstacles to cure and promote wellbeing.

“Your pharmacy is one of your greatest bioenergetic and financial assets.”
Dr. Robert Cass, Formulator, Alchemist and Founder