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I am a licensed practitioner. How do I open a Physica Energetics account?

Please register at the Create an Account page.

I’m not a doctor or a practitioner. Am I allowed to order these products online?

No. Physica Energetics’ products are only sold directly to licensed or certified Healing Arts Practitioners. Please ask your doctor or certified healing arts’ practitioner to create an account and they can determine if Physica Energetics products are right and safe for you. Please don’t diagnose and treat yourself as you could upset the vital balances of your body, mind and heart which with your doctor or certified healing arts’ practitioner is trained to assist you.

When do the products expire? What is the shelf life?

Physica Energetics products have a shelf life of 3-5 years from date of manufacture depending on product type and how it was stored during and prior to use.

How long does it take to ship/get delivered?

Orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt (unless otherwise stated). Orders are processed and shipped during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST, excluding holidays). Orders are shipped via 3 Day UPS Guarantee.

How do I do upgraded shipping to get it faster?

Please contact our order desk at for available options.

I’m in Canada. How do I set up a Canadian account?

For Canadian accounts, Physica Energetics can drop ship a 90 day supply directly to your patients. Please register at the Create an Account page on To have your account fully activated you will need to have a UPS custom brokerage account set up. Canadian practitioners receive discounted US prices. Drop ship fee will be waived for drop ship orders to Canada. Please contact us for assistance.

Are patients able to order directly on the website?

No, our website is only for licensed and certified healing arts’ practitioners with approved accounts.

Do you accept returns?

Aperture Energetics accepts product returns within 10 days of the original invoice date. To make a return, please contact customer service. Products returned for credit must be unmarked, unopened, have a securely fastened seal, and be accompanied by a copy of/or the original invoice. Aperture Energetics is not responsible for shipping expenses for returned products. Upon receipt of your product return, Aperture Energetics will issue a product credit to your account, less 20% restocking fee. This product credit is to be used toward future purchases. If you receive an order that is incomplete or damaged, you must notify Aperture Energetics within 5 days of receipt of the order to apply for compensation or replacement.

Why is my botanical’s dropper clogged? Is there something wrong with my remedy?

It is normal for the dropper to get clogged from time to time due to the pure raw materials used to create the remedies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your remedy. Most companies use synthetic binders, preservatives, large amounts of alcohol or fillers as flow agents so that droppers don’t get clogged up. These flow agents are not required to be listed on the labels so they go unnoticed.

However, Physica Energetics’ products are clean and pure! We suggest using either a pin or paper clip to unblock the end of the dropper and then run it under warm water to clear. Simple, truly natural, handcrafted remedies often have different consistencies, color and sometimes taste due to climate and harvesting times. The effectiveness of the remedy is not compromised.

TIP: Remember to succuss the remedy (hitting the base of the bottle in the palm of your hand 5‐8 times) and squeezing the rubber cap a few times before dispensing the remedy. This will also help to keep the dropper flowing as well as “energizing” (!) the remedy.

Why is my remedy a different color from the last bottle I received?

This is perfectly normal and frankly appropriate, for a handcrafted, truly natural remedy. It occurs primarily due to climate and harvesting times of the wildcrafted and/or organic ingredients. Physica Energetics does not use any chemical preservatives, binders or synthetic flow agents in our products to alter the natural taste, consistency or color. You can be totally assured of their highly effective qualities and standards and safety.

Why is my remedy in a blue bottle?

All of the Physica Energetics tincture remedies are hand crafted and conscientiously decanted into cobalt blue bottles which have been specifically designed to energetically secure and protect the remedy. Typically brown, or other dispensing bottles that you may have seen do not properly secure and protect the remedy from environmental insults coming from electromagnetic frequencies such as fluorescent lighting, microwaves, etc.

Physica Energetics’ cobalt blue bottles are not just attractive; they serve a specific purpose! Another wonderful feature of having the cobalt blue glass is that you can expose them to the sunlight for short periods and instead of the remedy deteriorating it will actually reactivate it on an energetic level!

Are the Physica Energetics’ products suitable for vegans?

Many of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Some however require animal tissue to meet our patients’ specific health challenges. The label clearly states if a remedy has any animal or fish derivative in them. Note that products that contain animal tissue are from organic sources and are hormone and medication free (eg. antibiotics). If you need help to provide remedy substitutions or have any questions, please call our Customer Service team who will be happy to help.

Do all of the Physica Energetics’ nutritionals come in veggie capsules?

Most of our nutritional products are in clean and pure veggie capsules. It will be clearly stated on the bottle. They may use a few exceptionally high quality non‐veggie (clean and pure) capsules for specific ingredient delivery systems. A limited number of nutritionals use clinical quality, softgel capsules mostly in their oil based products like the fish oils and wild oregano oils. This ensures minimal, if any, oxidation (oxygen getting into the capsule and making the product rancid).

Great care has been taken in the selection of raw materials, and extensive (non‐chemical) purification is utilized to make sure Physica Energetics’ capsules and softgels are free of contamination and pollutants. This means that Physica Energetics only purchases the highest quality and contaminant free capsules rather than buying cheaper lesser quality on the international open markets.

By the way, veggie capsules are not all created equal. Some are more toxic than many gelatin capsules (eg. mercury, PCB and other environmental toxins...). Also some of them oxidize very quickly which has the effect of eroding the potency, effectiveness and safety of the remedy.

Patients/clients using Physica Energetics’ capsules and softgels don’t have to worry about that!

Can I take all my homeopathic tinctures remedies altogether?

Yes you can! Pour a little warm water into a glass and add the homeopathic remedies your practitioner has recommended into the water and drink. If you are also taking botanical remedies, put them into a separate glass with warm water.

IMPORTANT: Don’t mix the homeopathic and botanical remedy tinctures in the same glass! Use a different glass. Ideally leave 5‐10 minutes between taking your homeopathic and botanical remedy tinctures. It’s a simple process which dramatically increases the effectiveness of your remedies, they both taste and assimilate often much better in warm water rather than putting them directly into your mouth. However your practitioner may wish you to take them directly into the mouth for specific reasons. Always follow their instructions.

If you do take them directly into your mouth, ensure that the glass dropper doesn’t touch your teeth or anywhere on or in your mouth to avoid potential contamination.

What do I do if my practitioner asks me to take the botanical and/or homeopathic remedies directly into my mouth?

Always follow their instructions. Putting the remedies directly into the mouth is an approach which is used for specific reasons. If you are asked to put them directly into the mouth it is very important that you do not touch your teeth or mouth to the dropper to avoid contaminating the dropper.

Can patients contact Physica Energetics directly if they have questions regarding the products?

No. Physica Energetics is a professional remedy company and will only speak directly to licensed and certified practitioners.

Physica Energetics is not a medical facility, nor do we provide any medical advice on any of the products. Our supplements are intended to be used under the close supervision and direct care of a licensed or certified healing arts' professional. Products are only sold through licensed or certified healing arts’ practitioners.

If you are a patient and have questions, your practitioner is the right person to speak with as they know your case.

Do all the Physica Energetics’ homeopathic and botanical tinctures contain alcohol?

Yes. However there’s about as much alcohol in each tincture as you would find in a ripened banana. Special purified and exceptionally clean ethanol and organic cane alcohol is used for two highly important therapeutic purposes:

  1. To help keep the ingredients clear and free of bacteria and fungus and
  2. To help carry the ingredients to their target.

Physica Energetics’ botanicals and homeopathics are produced using a very specific process and as such have a reduced total quantity of ethanol in the products. The unique spagyric fermentation process creates a tincture solution of 12—20% ethanol specific to the particular plant.

FYI: Almost all tinctures from all companies contain alcohol from various sources (unfortunately mostly cheap ethanol) and some even go as high as 85%...(no wonder patients “feel” better, albeit temporarily….!).

Physica Energetics uses the smallest amount of alcohol possible of organic cane alcohol mixed with a natural vegetable glycerin to assist with the reasons above. Physica Energetics uses just enough to safely care for the remedy. You may find higher amounts of alcohol in other companies' tinctures due to inefficient manufacturing processes and/or substandard sourcing and ingredients.

The quantities of alcohol used in proper dosages are approved and well monitored as safe for consumption by both adults and children. Those concerned about consuming alcohol can reduce the alcohol in the preparations by adding hot water to the tincture and allowing the alcohol to evaporate for 5‐10 minutes.

There are a number of major groups of active and inactive, so called, ingredients in herbs (some number over 500!) which are used for their medicinal properties. Each group has distinct solubility properties requiring different extraction methods. Distilled water on its own has limited efficiency in extracting active ingredients but when combined in various ratios with the proper amounts of clean and purified alcohol (ethanol or organic cane alcohol the efficiency is greatly increased as follows:

  • Works to break down the cell wall of plant material releasing active ingredients.
  • Allows extractions to be completed at low temperatures or without any heat which helps to maintain the integrity of the herbs and homeopathic’s active ingredients.
  • Stabilizes the active ingredients by slowing down any ongoing enzyme reactions which would alter their compounds.
  • Increases the shelf life of products by preserving the quality of the herbs and homeopathic’s active ingredients.
  • Enhances the absorption of key ingredients by the body
  • Has a stimulating effect on the vasomotor center of the heart, increases blood flow to the arteries and reduces coronary risk
  • Benefits peripheral circulation
  • Prevents water retention
  • Increases secretion of the fundic gland in the stomach
  • Increases the defensive capabilities of the immune system
  • Lowers the carcinogenicity of nitrosamines in foods.

Bottom Line: a little alcohol in moderation is a very healthy thing!

How long will this bottle last me?

It really depends on the dosage that your practitioner is recommending. Typically the 2oz. “Botanical or Homeopathic tincture” bottles will last for approximately a month, again depending of course on the dosage recommended. The nutritional bottles, again depending on dose, will typically last for approximately a month.

Initially your practitioner may ask you to take more than is typically recommended on the label for therapeutic purposes. As you progress your dosages will likely be reduced.

How many drops of liquid are in the 2oz. bottles?

There are approximately 1200 drops of liquid in each 2oz. bottle.

Can I purchase Physica Energetics products from health food stores or from the Internet?

No. Physica Energetics does not sell directly to patients or over the counter as they are only available as recommended by a professional licensed practitioner. We sometimes have patients come in who have bought products in health food stores or over the internet that might look vaguely similar to the Physica Energetics’ products but they don’t get the job done and often compromise the practitioner’s healing strategies and approaches for you. We are sure you can see the wisdom of this.

I can see residue in the botanical and/or homeopathic remedy which I received from the practitioner? What is this residue?

The residue is an organic overflow which is due to the natural ingredients in the alkaline/ash residue incinerated as part of the Spagyric processing that sometimes may not be 100% distilled.

Do the Nanosphere Liposome remedies need to be put in the fridge?

No they don’t. But please remember to store at room temperature and consume within 40 days of opening.

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