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Elevating our renowned product range, Dr. Robert Cass, Physica Energetics Founder, Master Formulator, and Alchemist, introduces cutting-edge additions.

With a commitment to empowering practitioners and fostering healing in transformative times, these unique additions support practitioners with quality healing solutions.

These uniquely formulated products have dedicated webpages featuring Causal Chain synergistic products, detailed monographs, and supportive content in the blog, including videos and educational resources for seamless integration into your practice.

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  • Physica Energetics Test Kits
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  • Symbiome CMF-50B bottle
    New arrival
  • Holo-Plexus bottle
    New arrival
  • Zinc-Oro bottle
    New arrival
  • Solace Milieu
    New arrival
  • Baicalin Skullcap
    New arrival
  • Lithium-Oro bottle
    New arrival