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Now your account is active, Tour the Website with Lianne Phillipson, Director of Marketing and Communications to help find our Get Started series, where essential downloads are, how to start your own Physica Energetics dispensary, place an order, and contact us with any questions that come up for you or your colleagues. Below is a video to show you simple ways to place an order.

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Hover over the progress bar to see video chapters and explore must-see pages to maximize your time on the website.
0:02 Welcome
0:18 Get Started Series 
0:48 Literature Page 
1:19 Frequently Asked Questions
1:55 Education within Get Started
2:12 Physica Energetics Dictionary
2:59 Left Spin & How to Test
3:13 What is BioEnergetic Medicine
3:23 What is BioToxicosis 
3:35 Healing for the Pattern of Life
4:01 Product Know-How
4:18 RCCP Unboxing
4:30 Foundational Products to Start With
4:40 Choosing Between Products
5:02 Setting up your Dispensary
5:19 Taking Homeopathics & Intrinsics
5:32 The Mega Menu
5:43 Product Collections
5:49 Conditions & Symptoms
5:57 Quick Links
6:01 Express Ordering
6:19 Favorites Page 
6:35 Product Page Exploration
7:08 Frequently Bought Together
7:30 Monograph Downloads
7:56 Resource Menu
7:59 Education Video Library
8:25 Downloads
8:55 Test Kits
9:08 Blog Page
9:22 About Us
9:31 Design Factors
9:44 The Legacy Continuum
9:48 Contact Us
9:57 Product Issue Form
10:08 Icons - Login and out & Favorites
10:25 Adjusting your Order
10:33 Checkout

Simple ways to place an order

Watch these simple ways to place an order and experiment with what option works best for you: 

0:00 Simple Ways to Place an Order
0:16 Express Orders 
1:18 Bulk Upload (coming soon) 
1:29 Use the Search Bar 
1:52 Use the Mega Menu 
2:18 Use My Favorites
2:47 Buy Again 
3:02 Checkout 
3:33 Patient Drop Ship 
3:51 Shipping method 
4:00 Order Confirmation 
4:12 Invoices (coming soon)
Our team and I are here to help with your initial and ongoing clinical or administrative questions,
and we welcome your feedback via email or a phone call.