The Legacy Continuum

Dr. Robert Cass, Physica Energetics Founder, Master Formulator, and Alchemist, continues the legacy of the esteemed traditional medical practitioners of the past. Understanding the influence and brilliance behind his work helps you better understand the uniqueness of the Physica Energetics product line. 

This is an excerpt from his keynote presentation that encompasses the Legacy Continuum aptly described in his words. 

“In our present era, we are fortunate to have the rare privilege of a healing perspective, which arguably may span thousands of years. How entirely accurate that perspective is, of course, may be questionable. However, the one feature that weaves its way throughout is this primary One Central Principle: 

The human body emerging through heart and mind was designed to be an integral revelation of the Vital Force at this level of design and creation. As such, its capacity to heal and be healed is clearly a matter of a restorative re-alignment with the central core of its Source. 

“The spirit and wisdom of countless brilliant European, Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, North, South, and Central American traditional medical practitioners are sensitively woven into the Physica Medica remedy formulations. 

You are invited to study the influence of these great men and women that you’ll find mentioned on various pages of the website and in the monographs, videos, and seminars. Their influence now bioenergetically lives within the core design of the Physica Energetics products and protocols. All are illustrative of the Legacy of the One Central Principle, inexorably weaving its way throughout time. 
The mandate, “primum non nocere” or “first do no harm”, seems to have been lost in the swirl of high drama, present day, technological medicine. We do not wish to decry modern conventional medicine, for we really do owe a great debt to these amazing men and women and their protocols, technologies, and medications that have saved so many lives on the battlefield. 

However, since most of our lifetime is not lived on a battlefield, is it not reasonable then to consider that other approaches might be successfully implemented in times of peace? 

So, let’s clothe the Legacy wisely in accordance with its natural laws and principles, and in this process, we’ll let the energetic melding of ancient Vital Force wisdom, sequentially embedded and carried within the Physica Energetics causal chain remedies, resolve the poly-systemic challenges of this present time and cycle. To accomplish this requires a fierce sense of purpose, an open mind, an open heart, and an unrelenting passion to go beyond flat-world medicine paradigms, fixated on stagnation. 

The integrating spirit and acumen of countless, brilliant, North and South, Central American, European, Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, science-based, and non-conventional medical practitioners are sensitively and respectfully melded into the Physica Energetics’ remedy line. We invite you to study the contribution of these great men and women, energetically living through the core design of these products. All are illustrative of the Legacy of the One Central Principle, inexorably weaving its way throughout time. 

What could be more exciting… and fulfilling!!

Some of those who greatly influenced me: