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A Warm Welcome

A very warm welcome to Aperture Energetics. We are the formulators and distributors of the Physica Energetics product line. However you have landed here, whether a colleague has referred you, you use the products yourself as recommended by a practitioner, or you heard of the Physica Energetics product line through the healthy grapevine, we are thrilled to welcome certified and licensed practitioners to use what colleagues have called exceptional products.

Executive Vice President Crystal Cass Welcomes you

Master Formulator, Alchemist, and founder of Physica Energetics, Dr. Robert Cass, who is also my father, started formulating back when I was a young girl and is still going strong to provide effective solutions for these interesting times we continue to face. 

My name is Crystal Cass, and I am Dr. Cass’s youngest daughter and the Executive Vice President. My sister, Julia Cass Curry, is the President and CEO. Together, we continue to promote the work of our highly esteemed father and The Legacy Continuum of BioEnergetic Medicines. 
Dr. Cass has brought a unique approach to this work with his focus on removing obstacles to cure through various testing methods and collaborative therapies and recommending remedies and products that he formulated and created to assist the human body, mind, and heart in their capacity to heal and be healed as a matter of restorative re-alignment with the Vital Force. 

We are a family-owned and operated company, and with our dedicated team, we work hard to support you in your practice, no matter the size of your team or clinic. 

As we welcome and encourage licensed and certified practitioners and clinicians to create an account to start using the Physica Energetics product line, please know that there is an approval process to ensure you are well-equipped and qualified to work with and create the most effective protocols for your patients.
Julia Cass Curry
President and CEO
Crystal Cass
Executive Vice President
Dr. Robert Cass,
Physica Energetics Founder, Master Formulator and Alchemist

New Concepts and New Horizons

As you will soon discover, his intentions are only the beginning. Throughout the website, our international community of colleagues has offered their clinical experience and uses of the products they have found to support their patients in practice.

Know that working with the Physica Energetics product line will involve new concepts and key terms. These terms will be explained to expand your healing horizons while offering continuing education that you will find invaluable. 

As you join our international community of bioenergetic practitioners, we will support each other and work together toward global healing.

Opening an Account

The steps to apply for an account are available here, which is open 24/7, and our team is eager and ready to assess your application.

Once approved, you will access more information, education, practice-specific supportive materials, and the Get Started series that includes the foundation of what Dr. Cass intended for the products.