Test Kits

Glass Vial & EAV Test Kits

Whatever your testing modality, from muscle testing techniques, applied kinesiology, or auricular medicine to electrodermal screening methods like EAV, the Physica Energetics product line is available in glass vials in our two-box Test Kit or the downloadable software version for patient screening and testing.

Test Kit Boxes and Glass Vials

The test kits are an essential tool for your practice that allows you to test products and create protocols that you may not consider with the presenting symptomatology and that you may not carry in your clinic. 

The two-box test kit includes the Physica Energetics product line organized in product categories to scan, use directly on your patient, on a test plate, or to confirm the EAV findings. 

As a bonus feature, the test kits contain a vial to test Left Spin and product vials to test for conductivity, BioToxicosis, and TW-20 Hypothalamic (right/left brain) as part of your pre-screening challenge are included.

EAV Digital Test Kit Downloads

Physica Energetics product line is available for computerized EAV or Electrodermal Screening systems. 
The digital version is available for quick and easy download as a professional courtesy through the links below.
Please check this page regularly, as updates and special links will be posted as they become available.

Avatar 5.0

  1. Log in to your Avatar account. 
  2. To download the Physica Energetics Product line, follow the instructions in the Avatar 5 Software’s User’s Guide on page 20 with the heading Download Items Option. 
  3. Use the Download Items option and ensure your complete and current Physica Energetics product line is listed after the download.

IHT BioScan

  1. Close all IHT Software.
  2. Double-click the yellow MSA or SRT folder on your desktop.
  3. Double-click the VLUpdate (Virtual Library Update) icon.
  4. Select Physica Energetics in the list.
  5. Click the [Update Database] button.


  1. Click this link file to download and update the IQS.


  1. Log into your PRO Software. 
  2. Click on the ADMIN tab in the upper right-hand corner. 
  3. Then select Product Company Setup. 
  4. Then, choose the Physica Energetics company and click save. An internet connection is needed to download the test kit.