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Welcome to our extensive collection of literature, booklets, and charts, available to our community of licensed and certified practitioners. 

The below will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and education to support you with the Physica Energetics products and empower you with valuable insights into the topics and areas of health that matter most to you and your practice disciplines. 

The Literature section is designed to provide in-depth insights, and with the explanations by esteemed colleague Dr. Davis Brockenshire, D.C. Functional Medicine Expert shares, the literature and booklets will allow you to delve deeper with their comprehensive information, making them ideal for in-depth, quick reference and on-the-go learning.

Physician's  Clinical Compendium (PCC)

This essential reference guide details every product in the Physica Energetics line, with in-depth recommendations, complementary products, and condition and symptom starting points.

RCCP Patient and Practitioner booklet

These booklets support you in your practice, with the Practitioner Guide educating you about the seven products to assist your patient in opening the case. The Patient Guide explains all the products and why they are important. Includes a full schedule for the seven product protocol.
Note: The Patient Booklet is enclosed in every RCCP Program kit.
Additional copies are available for purchase here

Physica Medica

Dr. Cass’ Bio Energetic Practitioner Repertory has over 600 pages of clinically specific protocols, foundational concepts like Left Spin, Healing for the Pattern of Life, Causal Chains, Practicum of testing practices, and Protocol Compendium.


The Quick Reference and Research Guide (QRRG) is a collaboration of product uses from our International Community of BioEnergetic and Healing Arts practitioners to support you and your patient. 
Digital Copy Only

Functional Terrain Assessment

In-office lab testing guide from the esteemed Dr. Stephen Atkins, Ph.D., is a systematized method of in-office testing that allows you to assess the self-regulatory capacities of the body to document a starting point for any treatment plan and protocol.

Literature Charts - Biotoxicosis, Dental Correlation Chart, EAV Meridian Assessment Chart

These in-clinic charts need to be in every treatment room as a tool to deepen your patient’s understanding of the path to healing.