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RCCP Program

The Restoring Cellular Communications Pathways Program is a kit of products that answers the number one question from practitioners: “Where do I start?” Start here.

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Due to the increased polysystemic conditions being presented by our patients, the challenge we as healing arts practitioners face is always the same, “what is the starting point here”?

Failure to find a correct starting point sets up false causal chain premises which may lead us down a variety of interesting rabbit holes but may not bring the required result we are seeking.

We must first establish a solid starting point, a foundational aperture through and upon which the case may be accurately opened and built.

Unblocks and Opens the Channels of Drainage to Prepare the Body for Deeper, Safer Detoxification

All channels for drainage must be open prior to detoxification. This includes the primary “local” glands and organs of elimination e.g., liver, kidney, lung, colon, etc., as well as “systemic” pathways of elimination e.g., ECM (extracellular matrix), lymph, etc.

Both pathways (local and systemic) must be operating in concert with one another to prevent translocation and re-toxification at deeper levels (see BioToxicosis). 

Clarifies Nutritional Uptake

Often, in the practitioner’s enthusiasm to get to the core of the problem, a key foundational step is missed. Patients not only present with polysystemic patterning but are fundamentally nutritionally deficient in many areas.

Remember: nature abhors a vacuum. If something is going to be taken away, drained, or detoxified, for example, then something will rush in to take its place. If the drainage channels, both locally and systemically, are clearing at the correct levels then we are off to a good start.

If the patient is deficient in ionic trace minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, basic vitamins, etc., the healing process will be challenged. Without resolution, these factors, in combination with dehydrated and acidic cells, will become an obstacle to cure. Furthermore, the conditions with which the patient initially presented may be recreated or suppressed.

Of course dietary changes, exercise, and attitudinal adjustments are integral to the process.

Practitioners report that re-establishing the nutritional foundation whilst opening the drainage pathways prior to xenobiotic detoxification brings substantial and sustaining results, regardless of the condition.

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Note: The Detox Solution Book by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald is out of print.