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Vial, Plate & EAV Test Kit


The test kit includes all of the Physica Energetics’ nutritional, Spagyric botanical and homeopathic products. As a bonus feature Left Spin, TW-20 Hypothalamic (right/left brain), Conductivity and BioToxicosis/homotoxicology pre-screening challenges have also been included.

This test kit is perfect for use with many modalities, including EAV, applied kinesiology and muscle testing techniques, biofeedback and other bioenergetic testing modalities.



Vial or EAV PlateTest Kit

The products are contained in small, labelled glass vials to allow for accurate energetic readings, ease of testing and long lasting effectiveness. These test kits are not digitally or radionically produced. They are all dose samples via hand pipette from the actual remedy.

An alphabetically sorted, library reference manual, accompanies the kit.

The complete Physica Energetics’ remedy line Vial Test Kit is available "at cost" to licensed or certified practitioners who wish to remedy test kinesiologically (muscle test) or directly from the EAV test plate.