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The LEGACY Continuum

In our present era, we are fortunate to have the rare privilege of a healing perspective, which arguably, may span thousands of years. How entirely accurate that perspective is, of course, may be questionable. However, the one feature that weaves its way throughout is this primary, One Central Principle. And if you’ve been to my classes or Concordias or you’ve read my material, you will have seen this before: ‘The human body emerging through heart and mind was designed to be an integral revelation of the Vital Force at this level of design and creation. As such, its capacity to heal and be healed is clearly a matter of a restorative re-alignment with the central core of its Source’.

Healing for the Pattern of Life!

Dr. Robert Cass | Physica Energetics Founder | Master Formulator | Alchemist

Hippocrates understood that it’s the Life Force that does the healing: vis medicatrix naturae. Tenth century Abbess, Hildegard von Bingen, broke with tradition and reminded the over dominating medical consensus of the day that women were healers too…shocking! The “father of homeopathy”, Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, spoke of disease as “obstacles to cure” to the expression of the Vital Force. These obstacles are simultaneously physical, mental, and emotional and are to be “gently addressed to affect a lasting cure” – Lebenskraft.

Rebellious and often outrageous physician, Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim, who adopted the title Paracelsus, meaning "greater or along-side Celsus" (Celsus, was a Greek encyclopedist from the first century, well known for his tracts on medicine). Paracelsus re-introduced medical alchemical principles and a practical sense of the oneness of humanity and the “heavens” into the current healing paradigm which was suffering from superstitious suppression.

An innovative branch of American medicine were the Eclectic physicians, Eli Jones MD for example, who flourished in the latter half of 19th and early 20th centuries before they were either absorbed into the current state of “battlefield medicine” or eliminated. Their treatment modalities included a wide variety of natural therapeutics and body mechanics with accompanying plant-based drug therapies and non-invasive procedure.

Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg MD/ND/Homeopath introducing Homotoxicology and Bio-Regulatory Medicine, reminded us that inherent in the “disease” is the cure (as did Hahnemann), and that the body’s response to the presence of both endogenous and exogenous toxins is a healing strategy, whereby the body is attempting to 1) halt the progression of unnatural entropy, and 2) create a healing and strategic pattern or symptom upon which a new foundation can be re-established and the restorative laws of syntropy are reinitiated – “the body is a flow system”, as is the mind and the heart.

Bio-physicist Fritz Albert Popp’s groundbreaking work with BioPhotonic regulator emissions, cited disease as the “presence of additional oscillations”. Remember Constantine Hering MD and his revelatory Law of Cure directions. Professor Gunther Enderlein showed us the power of pleomorphism. Professor Alfred Pischinger was the first scientist to develop a theory for complementary medicine based on the extracellular matrix (ECM) and ground regulation.

Dr Rheinhold Voll’s (MD/Acup) encouraging union of Eastern meridian flow and Western homeopathy and botanicals sought to “reactivate the mesenchyme”, as he once answered in response as to what he was seeking to accomplish with his EAV instrumentation and protocols.

One of Voll’s students, German medical doctor and dentist Helmut Schimmel, developed a system of causal chain protocols using remedies as filters rather than focusing on specific electro-acupuncture points.

Ancient Location

Harley Street physician Edward Bach (actually pronounced ‘Batch’) expanded the avenue into the psycho-emotional field through his application of flower essences. The late George Goodheart DC, developed Applied Kinesiology and introduced chiropractic and a plethora of muscle testing practitioners to the continuum of seminal chiropractic and osteopathic understanding (Palmer & Still). 

George Meinig DDS (our family dentist when I was practicing in Southern California) re-focalized the work of Weston Price DDS and reminded dentists of their nutritional heritage and front-line medical responsibility, as did the great Royal Lee DDS. Dr Lee spoke of whole “food containing things (healing substances) known and unknown”. Depleted soil, environmental changes, herbicides, pesticides, mass production, unconscionable farming practices etc have depleted our food supply to the point whereby whole food is no longer whole food.

The mandate, “primum non nocere” (first do no harm), seems to have been lost in the swirl of high drama, present day, technological medicine. We do not wish to decry modern conventional medicine, for we really do owe a great debt to these amazing men and women, their protocols, technologies, and medications that have saved so many lives on the battlefield.

However, since most of our lifetime is not lived on a battlefield, is it not reasonable then to consider that other approaches might be successfully implemented in “times of peace”?

So, let’s clothe the Legacy wisely, in accordance with its natural laws and principles and in this process, we’ll let the energetic melding of ancient Vital Force wisdom, sequentially embedded and carried within the Physica Energetics causal chain remedies, resolve the poly-systemic challenges of this present time and cycle. To accomplish this requires a fierce sense of purpose, an open mind, an open heart, and an unrelenting passion to go beyond flat world medicine paradigms, fixated on stagnation.

The integrating spirit and acumen of countless, brilliant, North and South, and Central American, European, Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, science based, and non-conventional, medical practitioners are sensitively and respectfully melded into the Physica Energetics’ remedy line.

We invite you to study the contribution of these great men and women, energetically living through the core design of these products. All are illustrative of the Legacy of the One Central Principle, inexorably weaving its way throughout time.

What could be more exciting… and fulfilling!!”

Excerpt from the keynote introductory presentation to the Advanced EAV 100 hour course 2009 Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences - Dr. Robert Cass