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Drainage Tonifiers

Concentrated Milieu Tincture (60mL)

Drainage (or tonification TCM) is central to the healing process. It has been widely recognized that until the homeopathic ECM (extra cellular matrix) is clarified and decongested there will not be adequate cellular communication and resolution.

As a general rule:

  1. BioToxicosis remedies such as Lymph 1, 2 and 3 assist in the clarification of the systemic drainage pathways.
  2. Spagyric botanicals decongest and detoxify at the physical level.
  3. Detoxifier homaccords clarify according to the specific potentization or dilution of the offending bioenergetic xenobiotic.
  4. Matrix Nutritionals provide nourishment and feed the body, appropriately.
  5. The Milieu Series remedies provide homeopathic drainage and tonification at the point of localized, focal interference.

Utilizing this combination, the local and systemic ECM drainage pathways are liberated, the pathways are secure, xenobiotics are clarified, the body is well nourished and sustained, and healing is the natural outcome when "obstacles to cure" are no longer an issue.

All product ingredients are hand crafted from mother tinctures, hand potentized per Hahnemann and hand succussed. Products are stored in protective cobalt blue bottles, and labelling and bottling are performed without electricity, keeping the products clear and pure.

As an added bonus feature, the Milieu Drainage Tonifiers also contain specific flower remedies in potencies designed to assist in the clarification of the emotional terrain.