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Healing For Pattern of Life

A Primary Foundational Template for Your Patients/Clients

“The ‘Healing for the Pattern of Life Design’ provides us with a practical and foundational template for our work as healing arts’ practitioners in the field of BioEnergetic Medicine. This design outlines four main phases through which we progress our patient/clients to ensure clarification of the intra and extracellular matrix, organ and system support, and the nourishment, drainage and detoxification of cells and tissues.  Included in this picture are gateways leading to the successful resolution of the emotional, mental and subconscious aspects, necessary for the healing process.

The first step in any healing strategy clearly requires the establishment of a strong foundational platform, designed to encompass proper nutrient uptake, adequate hydration, balanced levels of trace minerals and electrolytes, optimal pH and so on. We must also ensure that the systemic drainage pathways are open while simultaneously supporting and nourishing the digestive and eliminatory organs. The Restoring Cellular Communication PathwaysTM (RCCP) program was designed specifically to address these factors in preparation for deeper, focused detoxification. The RCCP program gives us our starting point.

The second step towards stabilizing the foundation requires deliberate and specific support of the adrenal glands and liver/biliary tree. The adrenal glands are central to the management of the stress response, both physiologically and psychologically, affecting all of the hormones in the endocrine chain and subsequently playing a significant role in most body chemistries. Detoxification processes can cause a breakdown in endocrine function and deregulation of the stress response if there are imbalances here.

You will find that Adrenal LF, SpectraLyte, Omega GOLD (or Bio-Omega 3) and Licro Intrinsic are particularly useful to help stabilize the adrenal glands at this stage and throughout continuing treatment protocols. Simultaneously, liver detoxification phases also need to be stabilized prior to deeper detoxification, as failure to support these pathways will cause a greater toxic load and congestion within the extracellular and intracellular matrices.

We use HepataGest powder at this stage, as it was specifically designed to work with Phase I, II and III (deficient bile) liver detoxification pathways. We may also add other phytonutrients, including enzymes (CataZyme-7) and right spinning probiotics (Flora Syntropy).

The clinical thinking here is that if the liver and the adrenals are not sufficiently stabilized once the detoxification process begins, toxins may be driven deeper, the ECM becomes increasingly congested, energy becomes depleted and the patient suffers via unnecessary retracing (or regressive vicariation) symptoms as per Reckeweg and illustrated throughout the chart of Chronic BioToxicosis. This is hard on both the patient/client and the practitioner.

Once cellular communication and methylation cycles/pathways have been re-established and the adrenals and liver are holding, we can safely progress to the identification and resolution of causative factors. Therapy at this stage includes opening the local drainage pathways (liver, kidney, lungs, etc.), through the implementation of decongesting and draining Spagyric botanicals (Intrinsics) and homaccord detoxifiers (note Mesenchyme 6X, 9X, 6CH sarcodes and homeopathic ATP 5X to demonstratively reduce retracing/regressive patient experience of re-experiencing past symptomatology's) to address mental and emotional factors, miasms, and specific xenobiotics. This is the stage where experienced practitioners spend the majority of their time as we seek to remove various layers of the toxic burden through modification protocols, filters, dilutions, imprinting, inverting and so on.

In the culminating stage, as the causative factors are no longer an issue, additional support in the form of sarcode therapy, constitutional remedies, and maintenance programes supportive of cellular repair and maintenance are implemented to ensure the pattern holds. 
A good maintenance program could include electrolytes and trace minerals (SpectraLyte), adrenal and liver support (Adrenal LF, Omega GOLD, Licro Intrinsic, HepataGest), and a high quality nutritional support (Vita LF and/or BioHealth Matrix). Most of us will use the ReHydrate in every liter of water we drink.

Reviewing and understanding this Design Template will give you a good feel for the process which will be the foundation of your protocols and therapies as you gain experience in the field and service of BioEnergetic Medicine.“