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BioEnergetic practitioners of all approaches agree: every step in the processes of detoxification must address potentially recurring lymphatic congestion if “obstacles to cure” are to be clarified.



Dramatic increases in poly-systemic conditions continuously present themselves in our clinics, due in part to the rise in environmental toxicity, compromised food and water supplies, poor genetic building material and mental and emotional disturbances.

All aspects of body, mind and heart are constantly in motion, seeking balance. 

BioEnergetically speaking, every reaction (symptom) is energetically and biologically goal oriented and as such, assists in the detoxification of the system and in the repair of damage created by xenobiotics.

Symptoms are healing strategies, clinically speaking, generated by the Vital Force in an attempt to possibly bring resolution at the level of the disturbance or failing that, prioritize cascading drainage and detoxification of the offending xenobiotic, at levels (usually deeper) where it can be clarified.

Most practitioners now agree, that recommending a generalized lymphatic drainage remedy no longer carries the restorative authority it once did.

In fact, suggesting a generalized lymphatic drainage remedy can often yield a suppressive therapeutic result, which is the antithesis of what practitioners are seeking to accomplish.

Specific drainage at the right level, at the right time and in the right sequence is what is required. (see diagram above)

Accurate, correct prioritization with respect to the lymphatic system and ECM (extra cellular matrix) is required in every step of the healing process to ensure a safe and confident restorative result as per Hering’s Law (very abbreviated):

Healing occurs:

  1. from deep to superficial  
  2. from "more important" to "less important" organs and systems  
  3. in the reverse order of their occurrence and
  4. from the top of the body towards the feet.