EAV Digital Test Kit Downloads

Digital Test Kit - New Updates with 21 NEW PRODUCTS now available (see links below)

Physica Energetics’ remedy test kit for computerized EAV/EDS systems is available for quick and easy download as a professional courtesy through the links below.

Currently several manufacturers have provided this clinical support to their users via these downloads and are to be congratulated for their continued efforts to be of service beyond just the sale of their instruments!  If your instrument is not listed, please contact us.

Current software downloads of the Physica Energetics' test kit includes additional testing substances (eg. protocols,hormones, phenolics, mycoplasms, stealth virus, NICO and other dental nosodes, cranial nerve and other sarcodes, etc.) are offered as a professional courtesy to EAV practitioners.

Please check this page from time to time as updates and special links will posted as they become available.


For the Avatar 4.0 and Avatar SC-5 please login or email for more information.

BioMeridian - Physica Energetics Download

1. Open your BioMeridian software on the computer.

2. Then double click on the above "BioMeridian" link which will self extract and go into the required folder on your computer so that you can simply check your virtual library once complete and PE Test Kits (Physica Energetics) will appear.

IQS - Physica Energetics Download

1. Simply click on the file above to update the IQS.

Zyto Website

1. Log into your PRO Software
2. Click on the admin Tab in the upper right hand corner
3. Then select Product company setup
4. Then choose the Physica Energetics company and click save

(Please note that you will need to be connected to the internet to download and access the Physica Energetics information)

If you require assistance in downloading please contact