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It's Flu Season. Again.

It's Flu Season. Again.
Here we are again, heading into the fall, and with that comes the typical cold and flu season. While this season seems to be an all-year-round, all-the-time situation these days, the sickness season is typically from fall to spring, no matter where you are in the world. Whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, there is a correlation between the strength of the sun and vitamin D status, which has been linked to the typical season of sickness. 

The typical symptoms of that first a lack of energy and increased tiredness, or seems to instantly start with a sore throat, soon the stuffed up nose, body aches, joint pain, brain fog, fever, chills, headache, and cough come in varying degrees. The difficulty is recognizing the start as patients can often first wonder if what they feel could be something, or allergies, or overtired, leading to a missed opportunity to increase support with foods and the most beneficial supplements. 

There are strategies to prevent a virus from taking hold and others to manage symptoms during and then post-viral support (coming in another video, so watch out for that). 

Our esteemed colleague, Dr. Davis Brockenshire, DC, Functional Medicine Expert, shares what he does in the clinic with his patients so you and yours can benefit in the same way.
Here are the products that he mentions in the video to keep in stock, and have on hand for patients as we go through this season.