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Hygiene and pH Balance - Phyto Lavage

Hygiene and pH Balance - Phyto Lavage

Work at the level of hygiene and pH balancing, specifically for oral and intimate health.

Phyto Lavage BioPhotonic Spagyric ethno-Intrinsic is a beautifully crafted botanical formula designed to help reestablish a healthy terrain in the mouth, vaginal tract, and topically for yeast rashes – athletes foot, jock itch, and diaper rash.

Combining several botanicals known for their anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and immune-enhancing properties. Phyto Lavage Intrinsic helps to reestablish healthy bacteria and trace mineral levels in the vaginal tract. Anti-inflammatory and decongesting botanicals assist in soothing inflamed mucosa resulting from bacterial or fungal overgrowth.*

Phyto Lavage Intrinsic sustains and maintains healthy bacteria and trace minerals, which are always lost and compromised with commercial oral and vaginal lavages.

Traditional Phytotherapy Support May Benefit:
• Candida (Thrush)
• Vaginal Infections / Irritations
• Leucorrhea (White Discharge)
• Chlamydia, STDs
• Balances Vaginal pH
• Urinary Tract Infections

Dental Hygiene
- Gingivitis 
- Periodontal disease 
- Bad breath 
- Toothache 
- Cavities 
- Wisdom tooth extractions 
- Root canal 

Candida albicans and Yeast Infections

Factors contributing to the development of a yeast infection include the use of antibiotics, corticosterone medications, hormone therapy (e.g., oral contraceptives, hormone replacement), pregnancy, tight and poorly ventilated undergarments, use of chemical douches, pass from mother to child during childbirth and medications through breastmilk. Certain conditions, such as adult-onset diabetes and elevated blood glucose levels, can also make women more prone to vaginal yeast infections.

Suggestions of how to use Phyto Lavage

Suggestions of use from Dr. Robert Cass, Physica Energetics founder, Master Formulator and Alchemist. 
Candida overgrowth or fungal issues on the skin: toenails, fingernails, jock itch, athletes foot, vaginal yeast infection and diaper rash. 

Combine 15 drops of Phyto Lavage Intrinsic, 5 drops of Can-Tox, and 15 drops of Lapacho Intrinsic to a small amount of coconut or, even better, emu oil and apply topically.

Phyto Lavage

Using Phyto Lavage for Oral and Intimate Health
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