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Resource Downloads

Quick Reference & Research Guide (QRRG) 

Guidance, support, and suggestions are listed in this guide, created to support you in practice. 


“Metabolic and energetic pathways must both be carefully and expertly balanced to allow a product that addresses the concerns of the body, mind, and heart.


Products that can permeate the multiple levels and layers of the person as a whole require the 
successful, synergistic blending of art and science has resulted in products that address physics (the heaven) and chemistry (the earth).”

Dr. Robert Cass, Physica Energetics founder, Alchemist, and Master Formulator 


The Extensive Product Line and Ingredients

While certain ingredients that you’re familiar with may be scientifically researched and well-known for their healing potential alone, when combined into a complex formula, there is the potential that they can create energetic conflicts as well as metabolic imbalances. This is where Physica Energetics’ founder and Master Formulator, Dr. Robert Cass’ alchemical genius, excels.  His art of formulation plays a significant role, as he has, over the years, created the over 170 products that you see within this guide to remove obstacles to cure and assist your patient on their healing journey.


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This is a Start

While this guide is not an exhaustive list of the use of the product line and categories, this is an intentional list of compiled efforts and a collaboration of the Physica Energetics International community of Healing Arts practitioners. The suggestions in this guide should not be considered the final word or part of a rigid approach but a starting point of protocol suggestions that you, the practitioner, must discern as appropriate for your patient.

Price Lists

To download the price list, you will first be directed to the Resale Policy page to review the guidelines for reselling Physica Energetics products online and in your clinic. You'll be directed to download once reviewed, and the I AGREE is clicked on, and the documents can be saved.