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Handcrafted Ethno Intrinsic Botanicals

Short excerpt from a Master Class introduction to spagyric botanical medicine by Dr. Robert Cass

The practice of Spagyria requires the application of alchemical principles and precision methodologies for the production of botanical and homeopathic medicines. The word “spagyric” was coined by the 16th century medical alchemist Paracelsus.

It is formed from two Greek words: “spao” (to draw out) and “ageiro” (to combine). This meticulous method of extraction elegantly delivers all of the botanicals’ natural, inherent nutritional and bioenergetic properties.

True spagyric processing differs from ordinary tinctures and extracts, as the process incorporates the properties of the plant more completely.

It also demands that the quality of the raw material is of the highest in Nature, either organic wildcrafted or bio-dynamically farmed. Paracelsus spoke about the aspiration of the Art of Spagyria:" has always been to produce sovereign essences”.

This approach to manufacturing is specific as it is delicate. Without consistent, excellent sourcing the tincture will separate and fall apart or be rendered inactive.

Ethno Intrinsic Botanicals Spagyric Processing

Most typical standard tinctures place the plant material in solution with an extracting medium, usually alcohol and other chemicals. After a short time, the liquid is filtered as the finished tincture and the marc, or remaining plant material, is discarded.

However, throughout the spagyric process, the primary elements of the liquid extract are separated by gentle distillation, purified,concentrated and then reconstituted. Each element is optimized through a specific time-sensitive process of natural fermentation to release the healing potential of the plant. This requires an ordered, cascading sequence of preparation and timing for each procedure to preserve the medicinal essences of the whole plant and provide balance for, the now highly charged, raw material extraction.

Ethno Intrinsic Botanicals Distillation Process

The elemental residue is then reduced to an alkaline ash and run in solution so that all the bio-available trace elements are absorbed.

This is then remixed with the original components (the marc) to once again become a "whole" balanced entity.

This final reconstitution is known as “the exaltation” in alchemical terminology.

Because of the detailed intricacies of the specific steps involved and our faithful adherence to the natural cycles of the earth and its seasons, it can sometimes take up to 90 days to process a single batch of product.

Most companies, frankly, are not willing to invest such effort in their processing.

This is the only chemical-free method of herbal preparation that extracts all of the plant's natural therapeutic compounds, includingtrace elements, glycosides, alkaloids, mineral salts, polysaccharides and essential oils.

This noble, hand crafting process offers you a rich, robust productfull of aroma, without that slightly burned taste that is so apparent in many fast heat processed tinctures. You will be delightfully surprised to see the vibrant colors of the remedy, due in part to the spagyric process which virtually eliminates the botanicals’ exposure to molecular changing oxidization.

The Exaltation

The end result recreates the synergy of the "whole" plant now, revealed as an intensely concentrated, highly bio-available remedy, both physically and energetically. (Many practitioners feel that this uniqe process releases inherent energetic patterns which are unavailable and consequently inaccessible to body, mind and heart through the typical assimilation pathways).

Clearly, potency and range of healing potential is dramatically increased as the resulting tincture is easily assimilated and well tolerated by all ages.

Practitioners report that these remedies are easily two to three times stronger than standard tinctures, making them exceptionally cost effective.

Four Pillars of Medicine by Paracelsus

"Results always speak for themselves"

The present allopathic approach seeks to quantify on the basis of specific amounts of what has been determined tobe the active or activating ingredient. However, inherent in the spagyric approach is the recognition that the Vital Force created therapeutic value in both the material and the essential.

As such, each component and element of the plant continuum is recognized for its value as Vital components of the whole, the sum of which is greater than just the parts themselves. This is the art of "alchemia transmutatoria" as transcripted by Paracelsus, long ago. – Dr. Robert Cass