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Causal Chains

It could well be said that causal chains are eternal. In homeopathic and most healing arts’ approaches which confirm “as above, so below”, nothing is a closed circuit or an island unto itself. Everything that has life plays an integral part within the Whole, albeit most of it is unseen.

In clinic we may refer to conditions in terms of cloaked or causal chain disturbances, indicating that there are many factors working in the “flow system” as compensatory mechanisms for causative xenobiotics (physical, mental and emotional). Getting to the core issue is a specific process of providing correct substances at the right level, at the right time and within the right sequence. With this in place, these compensations and their causative xenobiotics may be effectively addressed without creating further damage or suppressing their release pathways as per homotoxicology or BioToxicosis.

Physica Energetics’ formulas have been meticulously designed to reveal and attend to these causal chain factors.

Inherent in every remedy are ingredients chosen for their ability to synergistically address underlying core issues, while simultaneously providing direction in the form of 1) terrain clarification, 2) bio-therapeutic drainage, 3) nourishment and 4) resolving resonances for the outward expression (see diagram). This often requires integrating raw materials and ingredients from international traditions and sources, as practitioners today find themselves increasingly challenged by non-localized, polysystemic complexities in their patients.

Physica Energetics has the ability, and indeed the mandate, to formulate pristine products designed specifically to accommodate our constantly changing and cloaked wellness landscape. Expert remedy and recipe design, specific and accurate to this approach, is central.

Causal Chain Pattern IV Diagram