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Worldwide Webinars


Well produced online webinars can help you enhance your skills and knowledge in the field of BioEnergetic Medicine.

Physica Energetics' committment to ongoing education has become a highly valued resourse to practitioners throughout North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Our televised webinars are clinically-specific, presented by seasoned and skilled, successful practitioners working in your field. They are always lively, currently applicable and never watered down!

These webinars are always recorded and are available to our customers for continuing study (CEUs) for a nominal tuition or on complementary basis.

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Read what our international audience of practitioners reported from a recent Webinar citing the clinical, evidence-based application of Vitamin D3 & K2 (MK-7) presented by Dr. Robert Cass

"The BioToxicosis analogy is exceptional. Such a pleasure to share some good time with you again after all these years." Homeopath, New Delhi

"I was so thankful to be on a webinar that could only be characterized in terms of solid substance.  Dr. Cass tells it like it is and never waters down the subject matter or the solutions to the conditions he is presenting to us.  He's fearless without having an axe to grind. "RN, EAV Practitioner, Payson, AZ

"I especially love the part about disjunction of cells and how that throws off contact inhibition.  It makes such perfect sense-why didn't I think of that?" ND, Bastyr College

"Dr. Cass, that was wicked...Solray-D rocks! MD, London, England

"I never really understood the relationship between Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 up until now.  Your evidence based research balanced with your and your colleagues' clinical experience, clearly shows how the right ratios and proportions of these two vital elements can be applied to debilitating and clinically compromised, soft tissue conditions. MD, Hawaii

"The fact that calcitriol and its relationship to Vitamin D3 appears to have significant anti-cancer activity was the missing link in my understanding.; Thank you so much." ND, Seattle Washington

"What a huge amount of knowledge Dr. Cass gathered together to provide us with a meaty and clinically specific webinar for all of us" DC, Atlanta, GA

"The webinar was indeed fabulous. Congratulazioni to Dr Cass and staff on a brilliant piece of work! You should write a book. I'll buy the first copy if you sign it for me!"  DO, Milano, Italy

"Finally we have the RIGHT REMEDY to bring our Vitamin D levels up to the correct ranges! DC, Nagasaki, Japan

"Now I know why my patients' Vitamin D levels were so sluggish to move and were hard pressed to sustain - D3 and K2 in a liposome spray is hands-down, the only way to go" L. Ac., Santa Barbara, California

"Dr. Cass has such an easy way of taking a complex subject and making sense out of it.  Those of us who have been out of med school for so many years are truly appreciative of that gift!" MD, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon

"I had heard that Vitamin D3 and K2 are more powerful together then individually and now I know why!" DDS, Quebec City, Quebec

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