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Specialized Sessions

These sessions with Dr. Robert Cass and colleagues considering a variety of topics are by invitation only and are held in various locations throughout the world.

Practitioners who have reached a certain skill level convene in an informal setting to consider advanced protocols and techniques, remedy development, case studies and product knowledge. These sessions are specific and targeted to advance the work of bioenergetic medicine.

Here are a few pictures of some of the more recent events. If you have an interest in this more specialized type of work please convey that to the Physica Energetics resource staff.

Equine Studies

Dr. Robert Folkard is a licensed chiropractor and board certified, licensed, chiropractic veterinarian practicing in London, Ontario, Canada. He is also a trophied world class barrel racer. Dr. Folkard has been adjusting highly spirited, race horses, farm animals and pets for many years and has developed highly effective, remedy/adjusting combination protocols. His keen innate ability to establish a communication link between himself and his two/four legged and winged patients touches even the most skeptical heart. This short series of pictures illustrates Dr. Folkard's beautiful work.

The race horse in the photo was transported to Dr. Folkard's farm under serious duress, so much so that he had to be physically restrained to protect the session participants and his owner and trainers. As you will see Dr. Folkard walked quietly up to the anxious animal and almost immediately the horse stopped rearing and kicking and snorting. Dr. Folkard invited the trainer to come close which she did ...cautiously. She carefully placed one hand under the horse's flank while Dr. Folkard surrogate tested the trainer. Within a few minutes it was discovered that the horse had an infection in her colon brought on by feeding in a pasture sprayed by pesticides.

The horse's vet was unable to find the problem and had been prescribing medication after medication to no avail. When Dr. Folkard chose his remedies for the horse it was wonderful to watch the horse visibly relax and reach out for the remedy in Dr. Folkard's hands. Horse owners will understand this!

These amazing creatures continue to choose to stay with mankind in spite of the gross mistreatment forced upon them and the earth to which they look for pasture and shelter. They deserve far better! With our internal polarity set correctly and an assured yet gentle approach which clearly includes "sovereign essences" (Paracelsus speaking of the spagyric process), we honour and respect the faith our equine partners have placed in us.