Pure, Sustainable and Effective Professional Products

Healing for the Pattern of Life

As a Healing Arts’ Practitioner, you are constantly working with the challenges of an ever increasing xenobiotic burden in the lives of your patients. Added to that, are the ever changing legalities and requirements being placed on our industry as a whole. With these factors in mind, Physica Energetics has sought out partnerships with a wonderful and diverse grouping of clinical and regulatory experts to provide you with the best available products, clinical and technical support for your practice.

You will discover, as have thousands of practitioners, that Physica Energetics’ products are well positioned for a seamless integration into your practice. Our clinical and practice consultants are always on hand and ready to assist practitioners new to this approach as well as seasoned clinicians.


Over 150 Products Are Available to You

We formulate and manufacture over 150 products that are used by practitioners worldwide, working with a wide range of healing arts’ modalities. Our products include hand-crafted, organic and wild-crafted spagyrically processed botanical/homeopathic formulations and accompanying innovative, synergistic nutritionals. Physica Energetics breathes a breath of fresh air of viable options into the multitude of diverse natural healing fields within which we serve our patients.


A Unique Choice in the Natural Remedy Field

From the beginning, our primary goal has been to reunite the often sidestepped, or even overlooked, natural blending of Art and Science.

We have taken great care in our formulating, manufacturing and educational processes to once again establish this precedent for our industry.


The Union of Art and Science

Metabolic and energetic pathways both must be carefully and expertly balanced to create a product which addresses the concerns of body, mind, and heart.  Whereas certain ingredients may be scientifically researched and well known for their healing potential, when they are combined into a complex formula they may create energetic conflicts as well as metabolic imbalances. This is where the “art” of formulation plays such a significant role. 

(Unlike many companies seeking a market niche, we are not an advertising and labelling company looking to just sell products). 

The successful, synergistic blending of art and science results in a product which is sound both in heaven (physics) and in earth (chemistry), as the old masters of alchemy used to describe it.  As such, the number of products required to achieve the end result is reduced and remarkably free from retracing symptomatology.



Pure, effective, professional products and efficient, personalized customer care is essential for a rewarding business relationship. However, the foundation for a sustainable, forward moving business and practice clearly requires innovative, forward moving education to stay ahead of clinical trends and advances.

Clinically-based seminars, conferences, online webinars, practitioner consultation, mentorship programmes, detailed reference literature, 100 hour Advanced EAV Courses, CEU sessions and Master Classes will keep you current, fresh and inspired. Our core, central concern is education. Sales, while important, are secondary.

concordia faculty

Concordia Faculty

Practitioner Feedback

We wholeheartedly welcome practitioner feedback from multi-discipline clinicians throughout the world. For many years now, practitioners have come to rely upon us in our role as a valued focus through which patterns, trends and innovative ideas may be seamlessly integrated into their active practices. The international Physica Energetics’ community of practitioners enjoys the privilege of a warm and professional partnership with practitioners sharing an enthusiastic passion for the health and welfare of our patients in our rapidly changing world.


Competitive Pricing Model

We will not produce a product unless it is safe, effective and affordable to our practitioners and their patients. Therefore one of our primary concerns is to maintain a responsible and reasonable price: quality: quantity ratio. We are also very conscious of protecting the design and model of a healthy revenue stream for our practitioner customers.  Included in this model is our 100% pledge that these products are only available through certified healing arts’ practitioners and not via the Internet, health food stores, etc.