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Clinical Compendium

Included below are ongoing contributions by our colleagues to the BioEnergetic Medicine knowledge base. These papers are not necessarily the result of intense, scientific, academic research. We've included well referenced research papers in the individual product section of the website.

The papers contained in this section, while they carry the authority of evidence-based science, also carry the weight of empiracle, clinical observation, offered to assist the international community of Physica Energetic practitioners in their work and service. Remedy specific contributions can be found in the individual product section under "Field Notes". 

Here are a few sample abstracts of our extensive compendium library. (Full papers are available to licensed and certified practitioners registered to our site)

Ground Matrix Regulation

Abstract: The ECM is the largest system penetrating the organism completely. It takes care of the nutrition of the cells (internal circulation) and the removal of waste products from them. Thus, it regulates the "cell milieu system" and is at the same time part of every inflammation and defense process. It is clearly responsible for all basic vital functions, physically, mentally and emotionally. Since the lymphatic system is intermeshed throughout the entire organism, vital regulatory centers can be influenced by lymph therapeutics. Unfortunately, the health-damaging effects of many "trapped" toxic environmental, deranged proteins and trans fatty acids in the lymphatic system are neglected by most traditional and "holistic" practitioners.

Whereas so much of molecular medicine is aimed at the cell, as if it were the sole seat of disease, Dr. Alfred Pischinger, then professor of Histology and Embryology in Vienna, saw with great insight that the extracellular fluids were the key to health.

These fluids, which Pischinger called the "matrix", or ground regulation system because it supports everything else, brings nutrition, oxygen, hormone messengers and other vital substances to the tissues and removes excretion products, toxins and the residue of old diseases. Cells are important but not as a separate entity, because they cannot exist without being nurtured in this matrix. Many of us over the years pursued Pischinger’s matrix model and have devised strategies incorporating natural substances to support, clean and revitalize the extracellular matrix.

You may recall that when the founder of electrodermal screening, medical doctor Rheinhold Voll was asked what he was seeking to accomplish with EAV he replied, “ to reactivate the mesenchyme”. Full papers are available to licensed and certified practitioners registered to our site.


Abstract: Despite the widespread recognition of apparent hormetic effects, which continued into the early decades of the 20th century, the Arndt-Schulz law gradually fell into disuse because it did not provide an adequate explanatory (i.e., mechanism-based) capacity. Nonetheless, over the years a continuing stream of observations has been reported in toxicological publications and the broader biological literature documenting that low-dose poisons have a stimulating, tonic and anti-toxic effect.  Full papers are available to licensed and certified practitioners registered to our site.

Mesenchymal Reactivation & Drainage

Abstract: The pluripotent mesenchyme, i.e. the regulatory ground system, will become impaired in the fulfillment of its many vital tasks. A mesenchymal "block", in parallel with a lowering of the defence potential may result, which is considered by many authors as a major precondition for the development of chronic degenerative diseases and cancer.

Well targeted lymphatic drainage in combination with local drainage and detoxification remedies stimulate the mobilization and elimination of metabolic residues and other unwanted deposits from the storage cells of the mesenchyme. They clear toxicants from latent congenital infections (e.g. TB), as well as from acute and chronic infections the body was not able or not allowed (overuse of antibiotics, steroids) to get rid of by developing an autonomic febrile reaction. These deposits, if not eliminated, reduce the storage capacity of the mesenchyme, and simultaneously the ability of immunocompetent tissues to react.  Full papers are available to licensed and certified practitioners registered to our site.

Right & Left Spin

Abstract: Right Spin/Left Spin is a part of the unclaimed area between chemistry and physics. However, the field of BioEnergetic Science provides us with a powerful aperture of understanding and application. While EAV/EDS has clinically championed this subject, the principles can easily be applied to other modalities of bio-energetic testing as it provides insight and solves the problems of: patient plateauing, accurate and sufficient drainage and detoxification, ability to accept nutrition, causal chain development, uncovering "cloaked disturbances" etc.

If cells are toxic and living in a congested and compromised, toxic ECM (extracellular matrix), attempts at drainage and detoxification will only compound the situation. While homeopathic, botanical and nutritional approaches may seem to help for the moment (often seen as aggrevation and amelioration of symptoms) this may be short-lived or reflected in another condition due to translocation and reabsorption at other levels. Simultaneously, if the cells are limited in their ability to receive adequate nutrition and clarify toxins, these limitations create a toxic soup which sabatoges "healing for the pattern of life".  Full papers are available to licensed practitioners registered to our site.

A comprehensive library of clinical and scientific articles are available to licensed and certified practitioners.