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Why RCCP and Not a New Year's Cleanse?

Why RCCP and Not a New Year's Cleanse?
Here we are, with the beginning of February knocking on the door, and the healthy new year resolution momentum is already waning. Even with the best intentions, distractions and habits can override the best efforts to stay on the (healthy) course. 

Reset any time of the year

The usual new year three-day juice cleanses and 7-day detox packages can offer rest to the body from the standard diet and lifestyle and temporarily change ingrained habits. However, as healing arts practitioners, many in our community recommend finding ways to help patients and clients on their healing journey that can have long-term positive benefits, including cellular communication. 

For instance, restoring cellular communication pathways with the RCCP program can be a foundational reset for the body. One aspect of this program in supporting the gut – called the second brain and where over 70% of the foundation of immunity lives – is a way to ‘open the case’ as Master Formulator and Physica Energetics founder Dr. Robert Cass would say.

Opening the case

The enthusiasm to treat symptoms presented with a troubleshooting protocol misses a foundational step in supporting the patient. There is an opportunity to first open the drainage channels and prepare the body for deeper and safer detoxification and cellular communication. Addressing core issues with the right remedy, at the right level, at the right time, and within the sequence can help to manage symptoms without creating further damage or suppressing release pathways. 

If your patient is deficient in ionic trace minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, or vitamins, detoxification and liberation of metabolites without the foundational support can continue the unhealthy patterning of toxicity, the exact opposite of what is helpful to the patient. This can feel like an uphill battle and be a great challenge for the healing process.
"Prior to detoxification, all channels for drainage must be open, and the patient must simultaneously be nourished!"
The Cardinal Rule according to Dr.Cass

Recommend RCCP

Reestablishing the nutritional foundation, encouraging hydration, balancing the microbiome, and encouraging the intra- and extra-cellular right-spin can offer a start to healing that patients have not experienced before. 

One of our colleagues who insist that ALL his patients start with RCCP, is Dr. Stephen Atkins, Ph.D., CHHP, the owner and Clinical Director of Atkins Wellness Solutions. He has shared the importance of each of the seven products in the RCCP program and insights from using the program with every patient he sees.

Logged in Practitioners can listen to Dr. Atkins by visiting the RCCP product page here.

Updated Patient Booklet

The new and updated RCCP Patient Booklet will be included with orders going out in late February. Look out for a new Practitioner Guide in the next few months. In the meantime, you’ll find the updated monograph available for download on the tab over from Dr. Atkins’ recording

RCCP Program

Use this all year round with yourself and your patients.
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