What is a homaccord?

What is a homaccord?

What is a homaccord and how is it used in Tox remedies?

A homaccord usually contains several homeopathic remedy ingredients in different potency chords; often, 2 - 4 are included in low, medium, and high potency that gives a broad range for effectiveness and can lessen the possibility of a healing crisis or aggravation of symptoms. 

Dr. Cass formulates the Detoxifier Homaccord Tincture (Tox) remedies as a combination of classical and complex homeopathic preparations which may include nosodes, isodes, sarcodes and typically, low potentized botanicals, all designed to differentiate, constellate and amplify the keynote focus of the remedy. 

All ingredients are made from mother tinctures, hand diluted as per Hahnemann, and hand succussed. Many ingredients are in multiple potencies known as homaccords, specifically designed and formulated to provide for the processes and patterns of homeopathic ascendency.

Physica Energetics carefully crafted, formulated products are stored in protective cobalt blue bottles, and labeling and bottling are performed without electricity. They do not have a barcode as it can affect the frequency, keeping the frequency and energy of the products clear and pure. 

Potentized Mesenchyme 6X, 9X, 6C, and ATP 5X are included to assist in homeopathic ECM drainage and homeopathic empowerment.

Homaccord remedies

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