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    01 Feb, 2017
    New and Exciting Changes to Our Remedies! VitaLife Force This is not just another...
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    02 Mar, 2017
    Webinar - Integrating the Power - Physica Energetics Liposome Remedies This was an AWESOME...

Physica Energetics actively promotes and supports all forms of testing protocols and procedures. Our company and extended core grouping clinical consultants are experienced practitioners in their own right and are valued and trusted colleagues, counsellors to thousands of practitioners in the worldwide Physica Energetics’ community.

Whether you are working directly from lab reports and surveys or have integrated BioEnergetic techniques such as computerized testing, (eg. BioResonance, EAV/Electrodermal screening), hands-on “muscle testing” procedures, dark field microscopy, bioelectrical impedence anaylsis, etc., into your practice, Physica Energetics is positioned to provide assistance and support.

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