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Master Classes

These specialized sessions are designed for practitioners who are integrating the Physica Energetics' remedy line into their service, have demonstrated good skills in our earlier Academy Sessions and are prepared to further refine their technical and clinical abilities to become a "superior physician" as described by the ancient Chinese healing art's Masters.

Session Topics Include:

Transforming Archetypal Patterning Resolving Emotional/Psychological Issues
New Techniques & Point Protocols Advanced Readings' Interpretation
Upregulation/Down Regulation Cellular Communication
Neuroimmunological Strategies Xenobiotic Cellular Chronological Dating
Causal Chain Implications New Allergy Approaches
Expanded BioEnergetic Diagnostic BioToxicosis  Peritoneum Implications & Pathogenic Protocols
Stealth Virus Mycoplasmas
BioFilms Dental Conundrums & Pathogenicity

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