International Guild of EAV/EDS Practitioners

Electrodermal screening (EAV) is a non-invasive method of measuring the flow of energy along the meridians of the body. Five thousand years ago the Chinese described energy pathways called meridians that are related to every organ and system of the body. They found that when the meridians are out of balance there is a greater possibility of disease occurring.  
In the 1950’s Dr. Reinhold Voll and others discovered that using an ohmmeter they could measure the energy on the meridians. Quite by accident, Dr. Voll discovered that remedies could be used to balance any meridian that was out of balance, and the toxins involved could be identified. With the addition of computerization we have the modern EDS device.
To perform the test an undetectable electrical current is transmitted through the meridians. By touching a probe to the acupuncture points on the hands and feet the flow of energy can be measured. “Obstacles to cure” as Hahnemann described them are illuminated in the form of “additional electronic oscillations” (Fritz Popp) which are then balanced with nutritional, homeopathic and botanical remedies.


Brief Overview

Our primary concern is to ensure that a high standard of verified accountability is maintained throughout the international community of EAV/EDS practitioners. Specifically, this means that those who are members of the Guild, in good standing, declare that neither our EAV/EDS instruments nor our interpretation of the energetic results in any way treat disease, medically diagnose or imply any such treatment or diagnosis. We are not anti-conventional medicine and in fact seek to provide complementation for all recognized healings arts' practitioners. Medical conditions require medical attention.

Active membership in the Guild also requires annual attendance at Guild recognized seminars either in person or on line. Continuing education credits are awarded according to the event. CE award credits are determined by the Guild advisory council.


Membership in the Guild confirms practitioner responsibility, ethics and truthfulness in the representation of this rapidly developing art and science of electrodermal screening.

Furthermore, recognition regarding membership in the Guild affirms the practitioner's dedication to the Art and Science of the practice of electrodermal screening (EAV). As a member in good standing, the practitioner promises to hold themselves to the highest standards and ethics as established by the Guild membership which requires all members to publically demonstrate truthfulness and integrity in their representation of this noble art and practice.

In this spirit they are welcomed wholeheartedly into the Guild and the privileges and natural respect amongst their peers and the worldwide community of practitioners, that membership affords.

More information is available in the information package.

Practitioners wishing to join the Guild are invited to contact Christina Srakocic

Tel: 519-668-0873 Ext: 224

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