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New Products

Master Formulator, and the founder of Physica Energetics, Dr. Robert Cass, continues to formulate new products. In expanding the existing exceptional line of products, his goal is to support our community of practitioners with quality and uniquely formulated products needed by the world to assist healing and remove obstacles to cure during these changing times. 

The new products below have their own webpage with monographs and specific information. They can also be found within our blog with links to videos and education about how to incorporate products into your practice. 

  • Baicalin Skullcap

    Baicalin Skullcap

    Immune cell function support Supports immune, cognition, inflammation, cardiovascular & neuroprotective. Full spectrum Chinese skullcap root with added bioactive Baicalin extract to support healthy endogenous & exogenous cellular, immune response & gut microbiome.
  • Solace Milieu Bottle

    Solace Milieu

    Energetically promote health through the grief journey Homeopathic symptom relief of nervous system hypersensitivity, emotional shock, grief, anxiety, sense of loss, and disappointment. Supports emotions of shame, guilt, despair, long hauler recovery, broken heart syndrome & supports HPA Axis.
  • Zinc Orotate dietary supplement


    Immune health, detoxification, nervous system, and enzyme support Nano-liposome Zinc Orotate and Bisglycinate with cofactors: Organic turkey tail mushroom, quercetin, green tea, camellia sinensis, trace minerals, plant DNA vestiges, peptides, nucleic acids, amino acids, vitamin B6, chlorophyllin & molybdenum.
  • Holo-Plexus Bottle

    Holo-Plexus (NEW!)

    Multi-targeted detoxification binders Supports immune, microbiome, mental & emotional health with binding and healthy removal of exogenous and endogenous toxins with binders to support drainage and detoxification of toxic metals, glyphosate, mycotoxins, pathogens, & toxic metabolites
  • GPS Tox homeopathic tincture 2oz Bottle


    Glyphosate toxicity and exposure-related conditions Offers homeopathic temporary relief of the pesticide glyphosate & its exposure symptoms; endocrine disruptor, associated liver and kidney issues, developmental effects linked with learning disabilities and ADHD.
  • Symbiome CMF-50B PREbiotic POSTbiotic PRObiotic 30 Acid Resistant pH Target Release Veg Caps

    Symbiome CMF-50B

    High Potency Pre-, Pro- and Post-Biotic Nutritional support & 50 billion CFU probiotics, including pre-, pro-, and post-probiotics for the human ecosystem; the microbiome, immune modulation, brain, and digestive support gut-brain axis. Does not require refrigeration.