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Matrix Nutritionals

The Matrix Nutritionals Series was designed as an eclectic offering for the Physica Energetics line of synergistic remedies to correct and support the nutritional Causal Chain communication pathways. These pathways are present in every system throughout the body. In keeping with the principles of functional & bio-energetic medicine, the remedies nourish and support these systems without punishing them with overstimulation or imbalancing factors which ultimately proves to be counterproductive.

The Matrix Nutritional supplements’ approach has been scientifically and bio-energetically designed to provide the required natural, symbiotic, factors in the correct biochemical and bioenergetic ratios, to provide restorative assistance to compromised body, mind and heart challenges.

They are not to be confused with solely replacement therapy nutraceuticals that may seem to help for the moment, until the patient stops taking them or the condition is driven deeper. Multidisciplinary-leaning practitioners, who clinically appreciate the masterful blend of art and science, quickly discover that these timely remedies become an integral part of their practice.

Note: all Matrix Nutritionals are in veggie capsules

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