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Concentrated Phenolic Tincture (60mL)

A doctor once reported that, “… phenolics are what makes life worth living”. They are the colours, flavours, smells, natural preservatives, neurotransmitter and hormonal expressions of the Vital Force. They are also the reactive agents in foods, allergies, supplements, drugs, chemicals, perfumes, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, dental products, pollens, dust, mold, etc. These phenolics are inhaled, ingested and consumed in large amounts and are often processed slowly by compromised detoxification systems, thereby creating sensitivity challenges for people.

Ultimate Phenolics was created using a similar approach as the Ultimate Flowers. All ingredients are handcrafted from mother tinctures, hand potentized per Hahnemann and hand succussed.  These nosodes are in homaccord potencies and were designed specifically to be custom potentized, custom grafted or as an effective stand alone remedy.

EAV practitioners can find the specific phenolic remedy in their instruments and imprint the frequency(s) into the Ultimate Phenolics thereby fully customizing a desensitizing remedy for the patient without having to give the patient several different remedy bottles.

Other practitioners may wish to “graft” from an existing phenolic remedy (3 drops) into the Ultimate Phenolics to accomplish a somewhat similar purpose. For example “graft” 3 drops of GABA, Coumarin, Apiol, etc., into the Ultimate Phenolics.

Products are stored in protective cobalt blue bottles, and labelling and bottling are performed without electricity, keeping the products clear and pure.

Note:  ATP 5X for homeopathic empowerment/Krebs cycle and Mesenchyme 6X, 9X, 6C to assist with ECM (extracellular matrix) drainage.

Licensed and certified practitioners please call for information.