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Product Update: Hypo Zymase Label Misprint

Product Update: Hypo Zymase Label Misprint

UPDATE about the correction to our latest batch of Hypo Zymase

It has come to our attention that the VEGAN on the label of Hypo Zymase is a misprint.
Hypo Zymase is NOT a vegan formulation.
The only change to the product is from a tablet to a capsule. There is no formulation change. 

Any bottles that leave the warehouse will have an edit on the label until our new label print arrives to avoid any delay in getting this into your patients' hands to help support their digestion and associated symptoms. 

LOT number affected 203371 MFG: 01/23

Dual phase in a capsule?

Yes, the dual-phase ingredients and the capsule that Dr. Robert Cass, Master Formulator, chose an acid-resistant capsule with a pH-targeted release. We continue to hear of the excellent results of this practitioner and patient-loved product.
We apologize for the miscommunication and thank you for your patience as we rectify the situation.