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Bio-A Curcumin Capsule Update

Bio-A Curcumin Capsule Update

After issues of the capsules separating, capsules now stay sealed.

An exceptional product and its powerful yellow color known for its many health benefits, has had issues lately. A capsule or two within bottles of Bio-A Curcumin PhytoNanosome would open, leading to the yellow powder ending on the hands of its users. This is not where this beneficial supplement does its best work! 

We understand and have heard the frustrations of you and your patients. Even with workarounds like pouring capsules into the lid or dispensing capsules on a spoon to continue getting this product's incredible benefits, the color staining has been off-putting. 

There won’t be any need for workarounds with the new batch that has just been released, as our lab has mastered the issues with the capsules. The capsules and bottles have been put through rigorous tests to ensure the powder stays sealed within the veggie caps.

Powder residue

Please remember that curcumin is a naturally color-intense product. As with all our powder encapsulation, there can be some powder residue, just as with other capsules like Magnesium Bis-Glycinate and Vita LF Capsules. 

The powder residue can be felt and, in the case of curcumin, possibly seen; however, not from a capsule coming apart in the bottle.

The benefits of Bio-A Curcumin

Natural anti-inflammatory compound that is especially important to support chronic inflammation that is linked to heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and numerous degenerative conditions. 

Dr. Davis Brockenshire, DC, Functional Medicine Expert, shares another insightful and must-watch Briefing Room video about inflammation, including Bio-A Curcumin. 

What you don’t want to miss:

- “Life is wearing us out as mammals. That’s where, if we can't eliminate the debris of repair, that debris starts to trigger inflammation …. “ and how to remove that debris.
- 46% of inflammation can be traced back to the dental field (The Physica Medica includes information about the dental field).
- Blood work for inflammation, including a physical assessment.- What to use from nature for intestinal inflammation. 
- What to use along with Bio-A Curcumin for inflammation (hint: Solray D and Inflamma LF - take with food with fat – dosage levels in the video). 
- The link between curcuminoids and kidney health. 
- If your patient has had issues with taking curcuminoids, he shares why and what to deal with first. 
- How to modulate inflammation with a number one Physica Energetics product. 
- Clinical pearl about gout and what is this painful situation a precursor to? 
- Clinical pearl about soreness and ache and what to use for fast relief. 
- What to do about inflammation as the seasons change. 
- What is network pharmacology? 

The intention of Bio-A Curcumin PhytoNanosome from Master Formulator Dr. Robert Cass:

Curcumin has been described as a strong cell signaling, pleiotropic molecule with a multiplicity of different and unique biochemical effects. 

The active curcuminoid compounds (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin) are powerful antioxidants that can also modulate molecular targets such as cell signaling proteins, cytokines, and chemokines, enzymes, and cell surface adhesion molecules.

However, curcumin has a notoriously poor absorption profile. Low plasma and tissue levels are due to poor absorption, abrupt metabolism, and rapid systemic elimination. Most researchers agree that gut digestive enzymes quickly degrade curcumin and phase 1 and 2 pathways in the liver and small intestine, particularly by glucuronidation and sulfation. Approximately 75% of curcumin and its byproducts are recovered in stool, and less than 25% is recovered in urine. 

Our proprietary organic sunflower phospholipid PhytoNanosphere process resolves this limited systemic and intended bioavailability obstacle. 

In support of the high potency, 95% curcuminoid blend, we have created a targeting, causal chain complex of immune-enhancing beta-glucan and polysaccharide mushrooms with L-Ergothioneine, nurturing and transporting pure Himalayan Shilajit with humic and fulvic acids, dibenzo-alpha pyrones (chromoproteins) and ionic trace minerals, and a botanical flavanol blend of fenugreek, nettle leaf, Chinese skullcap, and quercetin.
Batch lot number and MFG date
 The new lot number starts from 202841 and the manufacture date of 03/23.

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