11 Jan, 2018

Great family and great products…it’s a no brainer for me to talk about!!
DC Stevens Point, WI

Hello all!  Just wanted to take a moment to say I just LOVE the Physica product; I LOVE how patient you are with my unending questions, my crazy life and how I have to move within it right now; your understanding with my tecchie challenged status; I LOVE  you all; truly.
Thank you so very much.
CNP, CHCP, NNCP, Live Cell Microscopist
Toronto, ON

Hello, I can’t thank you enough for your advice.  You are completely correct.
Now that we have your remedies, we are blending everything together, both topically in the treatment and for patients to take home.  With all the emphasis on lymph that your wonderful formulas provide, it’s a great blend in my practice.
Brookline & Holden, MA

Concordia 2017
We want to pass on our appreciation for the wonderful conference. The conference was eye-opening, brain busting and inspiring!
Thank you and your team, we had a wonderful experience at Concordia 2017. We are eagerly anticipating our next Physica conference.
Lots of hugs and loves
Kelowna, BC

We are impressed with the Vitamin D3 Liposome spray. One of our patients tried it for 2 months and we did blood levels. It clearly was more effective than oral liquid.
We now give them your product in preference to the oral liquid to guarantee better absorption.
We are using the liposomal C as well. No way to test the intracellular levels, but based on the Vitamin D3 liposome spray, we believe in your products.
MD Toronto, Ontario

I am sending this email to let you know that we have received your wonderful donation of Omega Gold. We can not thank you enough for your continuous support, year after year.  In the name of all the staff and of all the patients of Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre, we send to Dr Cass and everyone at Physica Energetics Remedies  and Aperture Energetics , our most sincere thank you for the donation of this wonderful and high quality product.
Marielle Bonnet
Island Wildlife

Webinar – Integrating the Power – Physica Energetics Liposome Remedies 
This was an AWESOME WEBINAR!!! I would Love to see more like this as it was INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE!!! Because there was so very much information & I just couldn’t write fast enough, will you be offering a CD of this so we can listen several times to get all the info?? It would be WONDERFUL if you did!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Red Lion, PA

Just a quick note to say a big warm THANK YOU! Concordia was one of the best. I know how much work you all put in to the preparation and execution of a gathering that large, and yet you create such a warm family environment. All of the feedback I received was so positive and every single person I talked with felt like part of your family. That is a gift! Thank you for selflessly giving that gift to all of us. Your work and generosity does not go unnoticed.
All my best,
Naturopath, TX

You have shown me what a high quality company and organization you have.  I also learned so much about the products and more importantly the special care and knowledge that goes into producing them. The more I learn about them the more I will prescribe them and use them.
We look forward to working with you for many years.
Thanks again and give a big hug to your daughters, they were wonderful.
DMD McLean, VA

My practice has been expanding and your supplements are doing are wonderful job. Appreciate all the time, care, thought and research that has gone into them. Thanks much for taking the time to answer my questions. Appreciate your expertise.
ND Smithfield, PA

My life and practice is so much richer because of your formulations!
CNC, Ph.D Carlsbad, CA

Thanks for maintaining Physica’s product line within the professionals community and ensuring its integrity by who is able to recommend your products.
DC Encino, CA

Your liposomal vitamin c is awesome!!!! My patient has a phenomenal response to it. So again, PE have been such an integral part of our journey. I look forward to sharing that with everyone one day!
MD Atlanta,GA

Thank you so much for the gift of these products! I have to say there are no words to describe that Physica Medica – I had no idea what I was in store for – The wisdom, information, practical application in this genius of a document left me in utter amazement. And that is just from paging through it – I can’t wait to read it from cover to cover.
I am speechless but I will say thank you from the bottom (and the top and the left and the right) of my heart.
D.A.O.M Santa Monica, CA

I am already seeing a difference from using them with my clients and the positive feedback has increased my interest in learning how to use them in the best possible way. I appreciate you and your family and the integrity that you maintain to provide the best. THANK YOU!
ND Yardley, PA

Thank you so much for your products which you spend enormous amounts of time formulating, crafting and testing. I’m getting some great results!

Thank you for your time and efforts to be better than the rest!
ND Fort Wayne, IN

Physica Energetics is making such a difference for those that want to improve their health. I know Dr. Cass says his products never heal but I know they provide a pretty accurate roadmap for the body to do what it was meant to do and to return to homeostasis.

Please feel free to share this with him. The products, whether used on people or animals, never cease to amaze me.
DC Denver, CO

I cannot thank you enough for your products. You have changed so many lives…. Just wanted to reach out to you today to say THANK YOU for what you do. Because of you, I have been empowered to help my clients at a level heretofore unavailable. I am more excited about natural healing than ever before, and I appreciate the hard work and innovation that you have done. The ones who ‘plow the field’ have the thankless job of providing a harvest for the rest of us.
The legacy continues……
ND Humble, TX

Beautiful formulations, as always. You always seem to put together formulations in a way that makes sense to my brain. Every time you describe what’s in a new remedy – I get a big YES!! Thank you for that. Looking forward to having these remedies available for the people I work with. Thank you,
ND Mitchell, ON

I do use your remedies everyday on my patients and they DO work wonders.
I use mostly Applied Kinesiology to assess my patients and when I find a need for an herb/supplement/homeopathy I always open the Physica test kit, which is almost on every patient!
I love the wide array of herbs and especially the homeopathic remedies i find are so well formulated and unique i wouldn’t work without them!
Thanks a lot for all your wonderful work!
Kind regards,
D.C. Montréal Quebec

Thank you for being the catalyst for our future.
ND North Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to send a quick email to “thank you” for introducing me to the wonderful products you have created. They are working beautifully and I am always so happy when patients shift SO well on them.
ND London, ON

I’m seeing some great results even in the short time and with my minimal knowledge of the products.
Excellent and thank you!
ND Victoria, BC

LOVING the Physica remedies!!! My patient’s absolutely love your products as well.
Keep up the good work!
DC Burlington, ON

My patients are getting instant benefit from using your products! I’m most excited to share this with others in my field.
ND Toronto, ON

Love the products, love the company and appreciate the coaching, guidance and direction.
DC Brantford, ON

The products are just pure and highly effective so far. Very pleased and amused by the compatibility factor.
Off course loving the No Bar!
ND Calgary, AB

I love the work, the legacy continuum of which we are a part. These new remedies are beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
L.Ac Lethbridge, AB

I am so pleased with the new products. I LOVE the GB40 Yuan source formulation. I have been using Gold Coin Grass for years for gallbladder on its own, and the fact that it has been mixed in a careful and conscientious way with other fabulous liver and gallbladder supporting herbs and nutrients is really exciting.
DC Oakville, ON