New Products

02 Aug, 2017

New and Exciting Changes to Our Remedies!

VitaLife Force
VitaLife Force is a naturally bio-available, nutrient packed green, red and blue whole food supplement, containing 100% organic, gluten-free, non GMO, powered juices, botanicals and enzymes.  A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and for the burden of intracellular toxic overload.  This targeted formula is avaialbel in both capsule and powder form to be integrated into your pharmacy today.

Chanca Piedra Spragyric Intrinsic
Queen of the Meadow
(gravel root) is no longer a Health Canada accepted botanical ingredient. This requires us to remove this herb and also change the product name. Fortunately we have been able to double the amount of Spagyric Chanca Piedra in the lithotropic  botanical recipe significantly extending the botanical value of the  product now to include support of the gallbladder and tonsils as well as the kidneys. This hand-crafted tincture is now available to be integrated into your specialized protocols and professional concerns for your practice without a price increase!

Green Light Matrix Nutritional Tincture
Green Light is now available in Clinically Convenient and cost effective 4 oz/120 mL Tincture Bottle.

Camu Camu Vitamin C Liposome
Immune- Hormonal- Adrenal-Liver- Antioxidant 4 oz/120 mL concentrated Nanosphere Liposome is available now worldwide to licensed practitioners only. This product is Corn Free, GMO Free and not from China.